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Realistic Miniature COLGATE Classic Toothbrush Tutorial!

Hi, my friends and visitors! How are you? Today’s video I want to dedicate a very important part of the day every modern people. This is morning toilet. I am confident that there isn’t person all over the world, who haven’t got in his daily routine morning toilet. Are you agree? Today for my dolls I decided to make very important thing for morning toilet. This is relistic miniature tooth brush from the well-known company “Colgate”!

Why did I choose these company. Because “Colgate” is an international company, producing such products as soap, means for oral hygiene, toothpastes and brushes. Founder of this company is William Colgate. Well then start!

For this miniature we need:

1. Polymer clay;
2. Super glue;
3. Unnecessary tooth brush;
4. Clear plastic;
5. Lighter;
6. Instruments for comfortable work.

It turned out very relistic, didn’t it? Did you like this miniature?

For original packaging you will need printables for miniature, their you can download on my website You can not worry, printables corresponds A4 paper size, print it on the ordinary paper and creating!

You will succeed! Thank you so much! Wait for new video on my channel DollHouse DIY. See you soon! :)

In this video I used a yellow polymer clay “PREMO”.

For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:Miniature Doll COLGATE Classic Toothbrush Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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