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Realistic Miniature SUGARPILL Dreamy False Eyelashes Tutorial!

My dear subscribers! I am glad to see you! Thanks, that you are staying on my channel, write comments and likes. I am very pleased, that do you like my creation! When I read all your comments, I decided to made for you something special, I thought for a long time what to do to surprise you, because in the internet a lot of banality miniatures, I wanted something unusual. And I am to think!

In today’s video I teach you to do false eyelashes for your dolls! Now every second girl dream about long and lush eyelashes. I decided to make these present for my dolls! That in the morning they didn’t spend the time to paint eyelashes! Do you like it?

For these miniature we need:

1. Black brush for makeup;
2. Glue stick for hot pistol;
3. Super glue;
4. Transparent plastic;
5. Instruments for comfortable work.

I hope I was able to surprise you and you liked my video, but also all the surprises ahead! While only they are realistic and very soon I will do for you sensational video, where will teach you to do super real eyelashes for your dolls, which you can be glued to the doll’s eyes! It is very interesting for me, what do you think about it?

Write your answer in comments, sign up, likes, also don’t forget to visit my website, where you can download free printables for miniatures, they are correspond A4 paper size. Thank you that you are with me!

I love you all so much!

Miniature Doll SUGARPILL Dreamy False Eyelashes Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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