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Realistic Miniature McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Snack WRAP Tutorial!

“Take a trip around the world with these fast-food meals that will either make you scream at your computer or dribble all over your lap.” Today, I decided to please you learned to create a miniature fast food! :3

Hi, guys! I am glad to see you!

Today I will show you, how to make mega realistic, miniature McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Snack. Mmmm, this magical taste! What is it, McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Snack? This a soft tortilla with the a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed chicken, we add fresh Australian lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. Om-nom-nom! Ok. It is so cool, isn’t it?

For this miniature we need:

1. Super glue;
2. Polymer clay;
3. Toothbrush;
4. Pastels;
5. Pin;
6. Fimo ( vegetables);
7. Liquid polymer clay;
8. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

Ooo, my God! How it is tasty! Did you see, how realistic I make packaging for our fast food? Do you want this pack download free? Do you know, where you can do it? Now I am tell you! Printablles for miniatures you can download free on website They are correspond A4 paper size, you must only print it on the ordinary paper. Don’t forget sign up on my website DollHouse DIY, if you want to see more interesting, realistic miniatures! See you later, my lovers!

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For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:Realistic Miniature McDonald's Crispy Chicken Snack WRAP Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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