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Realistic Miniature McDonald’s FRENCH FRIES Tutorial!

Learn how to make your own dollhouse miniature FRENCH FRIES! Famous French Fries – fluffy on the inside, golden brown and crispy on the outside C:

Dear subscribers and visitors! I am very glad that you are visiting my interesting channel of miniatures Dollhouse DIY! In Today’s video I will show you, how to make super realistic and favorite fast food all over the world. This is French fries. Oh, this yummy from companies McDonald’s. Do you like it? Why don’t try it for our dolls? As I struggled always try to make all my miniatures mega realistic, in this time I struggled on all 100 percent and made it how in the real! Look, even the pocket for potatoes as the original, thanks my printables!

Do you want this package!? Then here’s a website, where you can download free and print printables for miniatures on the ordinary paper!

So, well, in the addition to the package, we need potatoes, which we do from:

1. Polymer clay;

2. White small glitter;

3. Super glue;

4. Clear nail polish;

5. Materials and instruments for comfortable work;

6. Good mood :)

How appetizing it turned, didn’t it? If you want to be able to make most realistic miniatures, then invite you on the best channel of miniatures Dollhouse DIY! Sign up, likes, write your comments under video! Waiting for you, my dears <3

For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:Realistic Miniature McDonald's FRENCH FRIES Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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