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Realistic Miniature iPhone 6S (Rose Gold) Tutorial!

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Hello! All who have apple gadgets and visitors of my channel! Sensation! Today in my video I will show you miniature IPhone, the latest generation , namely IPhone 6s.

IPhone 6s has become much improved version of the smartphone IPhone, the resulting number of improvements.
The most important of them- technology 3D Touch, allows you to interact with the device on new level.
Also gadget was improved 12- megapixel camera and a new processor A9.

After I read about this gadget I decided to make miniature IPhone 6s for my dolls, because they deserve the best!

Now I will tell you how to make miniature IPhone 6s.

To make iPhone 6s we need:

1. Transparent plastic;

2. Clear nail polish;

3. Super glue;

4. Cardboard for the warp.

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Also I want to resemble that printables corresponds to the A4 paper size. You don’t have to worry about its scale. You can print the image on an ordinary paper!
Good luck! Waiting for you!:)

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Realistic Miniature iPhone 6S (Rose Gold) Tutorial! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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