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REAL Miniature BEAUTY BLENDER Tutorial!

Hi everyone! And good day visitors of my channel :) In today’s video, I would like to show you the most miniature thing in the field of make-up. This is Beauty Blender. I am sure that every modern girl has this nice little sponge! I use Beauty Blender every day and though why don’t make this sponge for my girls?

Beauty Blender is “miracle appliance” for make- up, made in USA by Hollywood make-up artists Rea Ann Silvia and Veronika Lorenz.

To make miniature Beauty Blender we need:

1. Pink sponge for make-up;

2. Flexible silicone plastick;

3. Super glue;

4. Black gel pen.

That is all! If you want that your dolls will have latest novelty, subscribe on my channel, visiting my website, where you can download free printables for miniatures. Likes, leave your comment under video! I remind that printables corresponds to the A4 paper size and you will need to print it on ordinary paper.

Love you my dear :) See you later! Bye!

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REAL Miniature BEAUTY BLENDER Tutorial! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!


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