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REAL Miniature BABY LIPS Lip Balm Tutorial!

Hello, cute girl! Today I want to tell and show you, how to make miniature, unreal, cool balm for lips “Baby lips” 👄

Finally I bought this novelty and tasted it on myself! Because for my dolls I make all to checked by myself. I want to say, that Iike it very much. “Baby lips” is an excellent tool for moisturizing your lips. After application lips become softer and brighter. That is why I of course without thinking decided to make this novelty in miniature size!

Look! How my mega realistic, miniature packaging similar on original! I try hard to make it on 100% similar on original! I think I made it!

Printbles for this packaging you can download free only on super website, because they correspond A4 paper size and you will need only print it!

For lipstick we need:

1. Clear plastic;
2. Clear nail polish;
3. Double side tape;
4. Stems from:
– gel pens;
– ballpoint ( they may be different diameters);
5. Wooden (!) toothpick;
6. Super glue;
7. Colored polishes;
8. Thin tubes for juice.

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For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:REAL Miniature BABY LIPS Lip Balm Tutorial! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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