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REAL Edible Miniature KINDER Milk Slice

Hello my dear friends! Glad to see you! In today’s video I want to show you something mega realistic, namely a miniature bar of Kinder Milk Slice, which is made of real biscuit. Yes-yes, is made of real biscuit. I think everyone. Has heard about the milk slice and seen the advertising with conversing milk. Biscuit cake with milk filling stored in a refrigerator. Filling resembles an ice-cream :)

Why did I choose Kinder Milk Slice? Because this Milk Slice won me over as a childhood. For several years it is my favourite snacks. For me it is unique taste, nothing like this I don’t taste. I often buy this snacks and decided why wouldn’t pamper it the dolls? That is why I decided to make a surprise for them. I think they like it! <3

Now I will tell you how to make it! Lets start!

To make Kinder Milk Slice we need :

1. Glossy Photo paper (you can use plain paper, but I prefer the first version);

2. Double sided adhesive tape;

3. Super glue;

4. Real bar of Kinder Milk Slice;

5. Instruments for comfortable work.

If you like dolls and want that they will see all new things of modern world too, you definitely to me.
On website DollHouseTube, you can find mega realistic miniature, modern things for your dollhouse, which you can do your own hands of conventional materials, which is in every house.

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Untitled-1Download full size: CLICK HERE!

Miniature Food Tutorials ❤


My dear subscribers! I am glad to see you on my channel! ^^

I am very pleased, that you visiting my channel and leave your comments under vIdeos with good words and suggestions. Thank you so much! When I read all your suggestions, I am finally thought how to surprise you. Are you ready? Attention! Today in my video I will teach you how to make super real chips “Pringles”. Which made of veritable chips! Why did I decide to make chips? Asked you, because everyone like to watch the film, and watch it not with empty hands. I am right? Yes, of course! That’s my girls like to watch films very much! With miniature chips it is so interesting. So let’s do!

To make miniature chips we need:

1. Tubes for drinks (I used straws from McDonald’s);

2. Double sided tape;

3. Super glue;

4. Silver nail polish;

5. Chips Lays (they are better suited);

6. Purified water.

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Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

REAL Miniature VOSS FRUIT WATER Tutorial!

Good day my friends!

I want to say “thank you” for your support and for your comments that justify me on new creative things! I am very pleased! Looking my video on channel DollHouse DIY you can see, that I do not only very modern, but and very relistic things! Today I’ll teach you to make no less realistic things, this is popular water VOSS.

VOSS – water come from an aquifer in the pristine natural environment of Southern Norway, producing pure water like no other. This water is collected deep under layers of sand and gravel. This water buy all famous people all over the world, that is why I decided to make miniature water VOSS for my dolls, because they are stars too!

Materials, which we need for this miniature are:

1. Insulin syringes;
2. Container from thin brush;
3. Plastic;
4. Super glue;
5. Silver nail polish;
6. Clear nail polish;
7. Silver acrylic point;
8. Instruments for comfortable work;
9. Water.

For package miniature water VOSS you also need printables for miniatures, which you can download on my website, printables I made myself in Adobe Illustrator, they corresponds A4 paper size, I want to say that I use photo paper. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to make miniature things realistic, thanks to different effects!

Goodbye my dears! See you soon!

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For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:REAL Miniature VOSS FRUIT WATER Tutorial! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!

Miniature Food Tutorials ❤


Oh, how hot! My dear friends, I want to offer you, most refreshing drink “Capri – Sonne” is a drink made from natural ingredients and contain a lot of useful vitamins needed for full development!

 It is very well removes thirst! I saw a lot of ways, how to make miniature juice on YouTube, but I decided try to make real, original juice on all 100 percent. You will be able to drink it or make fun of friends! I think it will be interesting! Wow! Look! What mega realistic packaging of this miniature!

Do you know, where I took it? On website Yes, yes, on this website! Printables for miniatures correspond A4 paper size and you will need only print it on the ordinary paper!

But apart printables you will need some materials, namely:

1. Scotch;
2. Food foil;
3. Double sided tape;
4. Orange staples;
5. Hot glue pistol;
6. Real juice.

Look! How realistic! Heat doesn’t overcome us with super realistic miniature drink “Capri – Sonne” My dear friends! Subscribe on channel, likes, write comments under videos! Love you my dears soo much! See you soon!

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For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:REAL MINIATURE JUICE WHICH YOU CAN DRINK! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!