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Miniature Invisibobble For Dolls!

Dear subscribers, hello everyone! I would want to present another mega realistic miniature novelty. This is the coolest bracelets-scrunchy “Invisibobble”, that look like wire from your old phone! This scrunchy I use in everyday life for two years, because it was a couple ago they just blew, the market of beauty industry!

So I don’t think, that there is someone, who aren’t heard anything about it! It doesn’t confuses and pulls hair, when it is removed and removed more easily than regular scrunchy and accordingly it doesn’t remain hairs, since it doesn’t snatches. This is very important advantage, since all the hairstyles for long hair, which keep on the scrunchy is actually very harmful to the hair. Today we will do miniature colored scrunchy “Invisibobble”, which is really suitable for dolls hair.

For this miniature we need:

1. Clear plastis;
2. Super glue;
3. Clear nail polish;
4. Toothpicks;
5. Colored wire.

Wow! Super! They were very realistic! I am delighted! Now miniature copored scrunchy “Invisibobble” the best friends my dolls. Excellent care of hair , no weak brittle hair, headaches, all this is possible with scrunchy “Invisibobble”.

Oh, my dears, also for this miniature you will need printables, which you can download free on my website, which correspond A4 paper size and you can print it on the ordinary paper!

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Miniature Invisibobble For Dolls! | DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!


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