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DIY Miniature Nesquik Cereal and Ice Cream! Miniature Food – MADKIT

Hello, my new friends! Today I will teach you, how to make the most realistic balls for breakfast “Nesquik” Cereal and so testy ice – cream from the company “Nestle” Pretty, tasty stuff loved by all over the world, are you agree?

So, for balls “Nesquik” Cereal we need:

1. Toilet paper;
2. PVA glue;
3. Water.

And for ice – cream we need:

1. Capsule from pills;
2. Brown nail polish;
3. White nail polish;
4. Stick for hot pistol;
5. Toothpicks.

Well, very realistic miniature things we got, didn’t it? Now we must to pack our snacks! What will we need? And how many will we need materials, asked you? And I can say you, that for this packaging we need only printables for miniatures! Where can you get them, asked you? On super realistic miniature website Why was it there? So, because only on this website you can find the most original and fashionable printables, which you can print on A4 paper size. That is why, if you need quality printables, welcome on website Dear friends! Don’t forget to subscribe on my channel, likes and write your comments under video. See you soon!


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