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Miniature MONSTER HIGH Kinder Surprise Egg

Hi, guys! I am glad to see you. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make Monster High egg – surprise. Yes, yes, you don’t heard! egg with surprise inside, the most realistic miniature on all YouTube. It made mega realistic to the smallest detail, as the present. Do you want to see, what is in the capsule inside? Are you interested? Then see and create together with me!

For our egg we need quite a bit:

1. Clear plastic;
2. Polymer clay;
3. Moldmeyker for polymer clay;
4. Capsule from pill;
5. Glue.

For our surprise we need quite a bit too:

1. Double side tape;
2. Gel pen;
3. Beautiful bead.

O, my God! Look on this fantastic miniature! It is very cool, isn’t it? Wow!Look! what bright packaging, which I made myself. This packaging you can find only on website Only on this site are cool and fashion printables for miniatures, which correspond A4 paper size. I hope do you like my creation!

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