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Real Miniature – KYSHADOW Kylie Cosmetics Palette

Hi, my dears! In today’s video I will show you how to make 100% real Miniature KYSHADOW – Kylie Cosmetics Palette from very simple materials.

You don’t need a lot! So, in “Instagram” you very often ask me to make something of Kylie Cosmetics. And…WOW! This is realistic miniature eyeshadow for dolls! Are you surprise? Now I will more surprise you! Because for realistic miniature KYSHADOW I made super real packaging! Thanks my printables for miniatures you can made this realistic packaging too! Where can you download printables? On unreal, fantastic website

OK, for our eyeshadow you will need:

1. Super glue;
2. Double sided tape;
3. Double sided mounting foam tape;
4. Two hole paper punch;
5. Real eyeshadow;
6. Instruments and materials for comfortable work;

Ooo, how beautiful ! Are you agree?

This miniature who follow the novelty of Hollywood. Kylie Jenner is called the “It- girl” of the modern generation. Of course, not all agree with this, but the majority always wins. Don’t forget to subscribe on my fantastic channel DollHouse DIY, likes and writes comments under video! Love you, my dears friends!

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