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Miniature Jeffree Star Lipstick

Hi, guys! You often ask me to make Jeffree Star lipstick for dolls, which really is working. And so, I decided to sit in Adobe Illustrator on creating elements of this legendary lipstick.

I hope, this video – tutorial will seem simple and you will share a photo of your work with me in Instagram. I love Jeffree very much and watch every his video! I remember the first time I saw his photo in 2008 and in love this daring, crazy and informal way.

So, for this super unusual miniature we will need:

1. The rod of gel pens;
2. Double sided tape;
3. White clip;
4. Colored nail polish;
5. Colored eyeshadow;
6. Colorless lip balm;
7. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

Wow! It is gorgeous, isn’t it? Even miniature this legendary lipstick looks amazing! I think with help of such materials you must succeed this mega realistic miniature, which really work! I am waiting you on my channel DollHouse DIY. Also don’t forget to visit my website

See you soon, my friends!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:miniature-jeffree-star-lipstick-dollhouse-diy-%e2%99%a5Download full size: CLICK HERE!


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