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Miniature IPhone 7 Jet Black – MADKIT

Hi guys! Attention, today we are going to do the latest novelty of modern gadgets the world this is IPhone 7 Jet Black! This is the first model of glossy black color Apple 7th generation truly suffered revolutionary changes, becoming almost unattainable benchmark of similar technology on a global scale.

Before the end of the intrigue seasoned developer and the veil of secrecy that accompanied the new iPhone 7 128 GB Jet Black and its characteristics to the triumph of his birth, it was not secret. Looks forward to the release of the new device, I decided definitely to make it an exact miniature copy!

For iPhone 7 Jet Black, we need:

1. Super glue;
2. Double sided tape;
3. Clear nail polish;
4. Dense cardboard;
5. Clear plastic;

In “miniature” package – huge opportunities! Printables for this box, you can download free on the website I hope, and you can to make this super realistic miniature! Subscribe on my channel, likes and writes comments under my video! See you later!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:


Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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