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Miniature Trinket 3D EYE – HALLOWEEN Optical Illusion

Hey friends! In today’s video I will show you, how to make 3D creep keychain in the shape of the eye. It is so fantastic and terribly! My dolls love these thing very much.

Also, I decided to do a series of miniature terribly DIY video for my the most favorite holiday… It is Halloween! Please write comments there what do you think about it! Well, let’s do it together this unreal miniature. What do you need? Now I’ll tell you!

For this terribly miniature we need:

1. Blister from menthol gelatin heart medication;
2. Pins;
3. Sponge for washing dishes;
4. Super glue;
5. Parts to build keychain;
6. Double sided mounting foam tape;
7. Materials and instruments for comfortable work.

O, my God! How realistic! Oh, I almost forgot, for this miniature you will need printables for miniature, which you can download free from unreal, interesting website They correspond A4 paper size! You need only print it on the ordinary paper! Wait for new terribly and realistic miniature novelty!

See you…

Download FREE printables for miniatures:


Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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