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DIY Miniature Scratch Off Rainbow MAGIC paper!

Hi, subscribers! Do you like creative? In today’s video I’ll show you, how to make very creative thing. It is “magic paper”. What is it? It is a special paper for painting! It is so interesting and beautiful. My dolls like painting very much. What about your dolls? Do they like paint different picture?

Ok. For this miniature you don’t need a lot of materials. You need only:

1. Glossy photo paper;
2. Liquid hand soap;
3. Acrylic black paint;
4. Toothpick;
5. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

Ooo, it’s so realistic! How does it work? Now I’ll tell you! For drawing on this miniature ” magic paper”, you will need a toothpick and… Wow! The picture is ready! Loot it turned out coloured! For this miniature you, of course, will need printables for miniature, which you can download free only there DollHouseTube. com. and nowhere else!

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Love you all, my dears!

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