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Miniature 100% EDIBLE Creepy Cake – HALLOWEEN DIY

Hi, dear subscribers! Today I’ll teach you, how to make miniature creepy cupcake on my favorite holiday Halloween. This cake really edible! You can make fun of your friends, offering them strange treat! How will we do this realistic terrible sweetness? That is just terrible easy!

For this miniature you will need:

1. Cap from spray;
2. Nail polish, color of the pot;
3. Double sided mounting foam tape;
4. Realistic cookie “Oreo”;
5. Strawberry jam;
6. Something testy for stuffing;
7. White chocolate (preferably use not porous);
8. Instruments for comfortable work.

How is it working? Now I’ll tell you!

Take the cap from a spray point over lacquer under the pot, inside lay a semblance of a cupcake – stuffed “Oreo” and jam and on top sprinkle the crushed cookies to simulate the earth. White chocolate do for bones decoration! It is terrible testy! So, my dolls are ready for my most favorite holiday Halloween!

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