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Miniature MINECRAFT Steve TOY – REAL Toy For Doll!

Hi, guys! Are there many fans of let’s play Minecraft amongst you? Well, it’s time to make miniature toy for your dolls. Today, I’ll show you how to make super realistic toy from Minecraft. Who is it? This is miniature Steve, which making impossible easily and quickly.

For this miniature we will need:

1. Paper ( better to use thick paper);
2. Glue ( As for me, I use only super glue, but if you sure in your force, you can use ordinary glue);
3. Plastic the desired shape ( I was so lucky to find the square piece from the set of miniature dishes).

Ooo, it is so cute, isn’t it? Forgot to say, also for this toy you will need printables for miniature. Where to get them? The most originally and realistic printables you can find on my website

Only from this site you can download printables absolutely free.

They correspond A4 paper size, you need only print their on the ordinary paper. I hope you liked my idea! Subscribe on my channel, likes and of course write comments under my video! See you later!

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:


Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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