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How To Make a Miniature KINDER Surprise Eggs Pack? DIY Doll Tutorial ♥

Hey, guys! I have got great surprise for you! I know most of you love Kinder Surprise Eggs, video of this topic of my favorite chocolate all over the world remain the most popular on my channel! So, I decided, why don’t to please you another very simple but mega realistic tutorial! To make miniature Kinder Surprise Eggs no polymer clay is very easy!

Look this video and you will make sure, that it is very simply!

For this very realistic miniature you will need:

1. Thick paper for color printing;
2. Super glue;
3. Beads in the form of mini chocolate eggs (if you want, you can use polymer clay);
4. Back labels from really Kinder eggs;
5. Baking foil;
6. Red nail polish.

It was very easy, wasn’t it? Ok, I want to say, this unusual miniature you can use everywhere you want. For example, you can make a beautiful bracelet using this miniature Kinder Surprise Eggs. So, for this mega realistic miniature you will need printables, which you can download free there 👉

They correspond A4 paper size, you need only print it! I hope you will like this video! Subscribe on my channel, likes and write comments under video! See you later my dear subscribers!

Bye – bye.

Download FREE printables for miniatures: how-to-make-a-miniature-kinder-surprise-eggs-pack-diy-doll-tutorial-%e2%99%a5Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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