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KINDER Surprise Eggs Nails!

Hi, friends! I am glad to see you on my channel. I decided to do the unthinkable an unexpected tutorial! Due to numerous request I decided to make nail tutorial! This is the Kinder Surprise nails! Wow! Didn’t you expect? In this video I’ll answer the most important questions: “How do I make this nails?”.

Are you ready? Let’s do it together!

For this manicure you will need the basic set to cover the gel polish. These are:

1. Nail fresher – cleans the nail plate and disinfects it;
2. Acid – free primer – helping to prepare the nail to the base application and acts as a double sided tape between the nail and gel;
3. Base under the gel nail is the foundation on which rests all the subsequent;
4. Gel polishes in two colors: red and white;
5. Clear nail polish;
6. Printables;
7. Top cover for fixing of the whole our design;
8. Cleanser – liquid to remove the sticky layer, which is formed after application of the gel polish;
9. Cuticle oil – need to moisturise the skin around the nail;
10. Good mood and materials for comfortable work.

Ok. After the standard treatment of nails: fresher primer and base, start to make our design! The first layer of white gel polish should be as thin as possible to varnish wouldn’t flowed. Put your nail into LED lamp for 30 seconds. A second layer of white nail gel I put more accurately, picking up close to the cuticle and to achieve a perfect gloss.Put your nail into LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Then I use red gel polish, you can use acrylic paint or ordinary red lacquer, if you haven’t got gel. After this i use clear nail polish to make our design with printables. Ordinary clear nail polish dries very quickly and good glues paper with nail. Finally we cover the entire nail design to cover in three layer. Put your nail into LED lamp for 30 seconds. Then I removed the sticky layer. And oil for cuticle I moisturise the skin around the nail and our design is ready!
Ooo, my God! It is so beautiful, isn’t it?

You will definitely surprise your friends unreal manicure. Printables for this manicure you can download free there 👉 I hope you liked this video, if so subscribe on my channel, likes and write your comments under video!

See you later, my dears!

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