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Real TERRARIUM (Aquarium) for Miniature Snakes!

Hello, friends! I am glad to see you on my channel! Today will be an unusual video! Why? Will you ask me, because we will make something unusual. Today we will make miniature terrarium! It is interesting, isn’t it?

You can surprise your loved ones by creating a tiny world of simple, unnecessary items. It is so easy! So, Let’s do it together with me!

For this miniature we will need:

1. Balsa (it is very light wood, it can be cut. From layers of wood we will make house and terrarium);
2. Decorate toppings (sprinkles earth);
3. Hot glue pistol;
4. Clear plastic;
5. Natural materials for decoration (leaves, trees etc.);
6. Epoxy glue for water;
7. Acrylic and watercolor.

So, I hope you could make this unreal interesting miniature! If you like this video, likes, of course, write comments under video and subscribe on my interesting and fascinating channel! On you will find a lot of interesting and exciting ideas! Bye–bye, my dears guys!

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