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Miniature Gifts – UNBOXING! Gifts For My DOLLS!

Hi, guys! I am glad to see you. Today will be magic video, because today I’ll show you how to make very realistic miniature New Year presents for dolls! Inside are surprises, but first of all watch my video and you will know that there inside. It is very simple and exciting DIY video. Combing several miniature articles at the same time. Well, let’s do it together ❄️

First of all list the materials for the gift.

These are:

1. Wrapping paper;
2. Tape and rope for packing;
3. Scotch.

Second for surprise we need:

1. Beats of different colors and size;
2. Acrylic paint or nail polishes;
3. Rods from ballpoint pens;
4. Pins for jewelry;
5. Glue;
6. Thread.

Ooo, we had got very cute miniature presents! And most importantly it took a little time and materials! Guys, for this miniature you will need printable for miniature, which you can download FREE on my website I hope you liked this video, writes comment, likes and subscribe on my interesting channel

See you later my dear friends! <3

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