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Miniature: FIMO Polymer Clay And FIMO Liquid Gel – NO CLAY Tutorial!

Hello, my friends! I am glad to see you! Today I’ll show you, how to make miniature FIMO Polymer Clay (Soft) and Liquid Clay. Now I want to tell you a few words about these materials. Polymer Clay “FIMO” is a favorite for me. I tried to mold Polymer Clay from another manufacturer, but still come back to this. What are attracts me? Excellent quality, wide variety of colors and effects in the polite.

Rich colors of Polymer Clay are the same juicy and beautiful after baking. OK, what about Liquid Clay :) FIMO Liquid Clay is a gel with a high degree of strength and flex ability after baking. I hope, you understood, why I decided to make this high – quality clay for my favorite dolls! Well! Let’s start our work!

For these miniatures we’ll need:

Firs of all for bars of “FIMO”:

1. Colored erasers of pencil;
2. Stationery knife;
3. Scotch (you will need much scotch).

Second, for FIMO Liquid:

1. Insulin Syringe;
2. Hot glue pistol;
3. White and orange nail polish;
4. Double sided tape;
5. Clear plastic (not plastic, and plastic sheet);
6. Blister capsules with powder.

And third, of course, you will need printables for miniature, which you can download free there If you liked this video, likes, writes comments and subscribe on my channel Love you! <3

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:miniature-fimo-polymer-clay-and-fimo-liquid-gelDownload full size: CLICK HERE!

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