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How To Make Miniature – Growing Grass Little Man? CUTE LIFE HACK

Hello guys! How are you? Today will be very interesting and unusual video. I’ll show you, how to make “Growing Grass Little Man”. O my God, what is it? – you’ll ask me. I am talking you now. Growing grass little man is a fun toy for children, which has got growing grass on the back and the head.

All right, let’s do it together!

For this miniature u will need:

1. Sawdust;
2. Seeds of areals (barley, wheat) or seeds lawn grass;
3. Nylon stockings;
4. Instrument and materials for decoration our miniature.

That is all! I hope you can made it too. If you want that your dolls will have very interesting and unusual miniature, subscribe on my channel and visit my website See you soon! Bye-bye!

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How To Make Miniature PLAY-DOH. REAL HandMade PLAY-DOH For Kids

Hi guys! I am glad to see you again! I have prepared mega surprise for you! What is it ? Can you ask. This is realistic miniature Play-Doh. It is very soft, plastic, mold it is very easy. Each is in its own separate jar, cap indicates color, it is comfortable. Let’s do it with me. The first thing, which we have to do is the jar.

For this jar you will need:

1. Printables, which you can download free on;
2. Tablets from a mini blister;
3. Nail polish;
4. Hot glue pistol.

And now materials for Play-Doh. These are:

1. Flour;
2. Water;
3. Salt;
4. Lemon juice;
5. The food dye;
6. Vegetable oil.

It is very realistic Play-Doh, do you agree? So, if you liked this video, subscribe on my channel, likes and, of course, write comments under videos!

See you soon, my dears!

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