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How To Make Miniature Apple IPod Shuffle – CUTE LIFE HACK / DIY

Hey, guys! Nice to see you again on my channel! Today I’ll show how to make miniature IPod Shuffle. Is it unexpectedly, right? So, why I did decide to make miniature IPod Shuffle? Now I’ll tell u! This is my most favorite IPod for sport, I just love it! It is incredibly small and compact and it’s present in several bright colors.

OK, let’s see, what will we need for this miniature.

1. Silicone pack of tools for manicure and plastic;
2. Printables;
3. Double sided tape;
4. Glue;
5. Wood or polymer clay.

So, it is look very realistic, isn’t it?

I hope, u can make this miniature together with me! Printables for IPod you can download free on my website They correspond A4 paper size… But this is not all surprise today… Are you ready?
Now I will show how to make miniature headphones for our IPod Shuffle. And most importantly, that they are made from very simply materials.

These are:

1. White clip;
2. Hot glue pistol;
3. White nail polish;
4. Pin;
5. Beads.

That is all! Don’t forget to subscribe on my channel Thank you, that you are with me! I love u so much! Goodbye!

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:How To Make Miniature Apple IPod Shuffle - CUTE LIFE HACK : DIYDownload full size: CLICK HERE!

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