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REAL Miniature LUSH Bath Bomb for DOLLS. LUSH how it’s made?

Hello, friends! I come up with for you is something unreal! Today you can see how to make miniature bombs for the bath from “Lush”, which is very easy to make. So, each box with a parcel from “Lush” there are “foam cushions”, that the products don’t crumble. But… they’re not made from foam, they are made from starch substances and also dissolve in water.

So, that is why today we are going to work with these “cushions”.

Also you will need some materials. These are:

1. EcoFlo;
2. Clear lip balm;
3. Flocks and colored glitter;
4. Food colorings.

OK. How will we make this bombs?

As I said the main materials are “starch cushion”. They are in the form of stars. So, enough cushion cut into small pieces, coat lip balm on all sides and dip into small shimmering powder. That is all! It is very easy tutorial! But also you will need printables, which you can download free on my website

I am glad, that you are with me, my dear subscribers! Thank u very much! See you soon! <3

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