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DIY Miniature Pie Face Tutorial – No Polymer Clay! (Working) | Dollhouse

Hey, guys! I am glad to see you again! What do you think that I have prepared this time? Ooo, this is unreal realistic miniature Pie Face Toy for your dolls! Are you surprised? If you don’t know what is it, I am telling you some words about it now. Pie Face is the fast action game filled with fun and suspense for the all your family.

That’s why I decided to made it. Are you ready?

For this miniature you’ll need:

1. Special printables for miniature;
2. Superglue;
3. Wooden stick.

So, I think this is very interesting miniature! As I said for this miniature u will need special printables for miniature, which you can download free from my website

Love u so much my dear subscribers! See u later! <3

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DIY Miniature Pie Face Tutorial - No Polymer Clay! (Working) | DollhouseDownload full size: CLICK HERE!

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