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DIY – HOW TO MAKE Miniature Shopkins Surprise. Video For Kids | Shopkins Cartoon

Miniature Shopkins Surprise Part #2 <3

Hello, guys! I am glad to see you on my channel again! Today I’ll show you how to make easy and interesting miniatures of “Shopkins”! Miniature “Shopkins” is a range of tiny collectible toys, was made by Moose Toys. Today we will make “Shopkins ” unbox from easy materials!

Do you like “Shopkins”? As for me I like “Shopkins”, because this is the brightly colored figurines, roughly an inch tall, have each been given their own face, name and personality! Only on DollHouse DIY channel u can see unreal realistic miniature “Shopkins”. Friends, don’t forget to subscribe on my channel, likes and write comments under video!

I love you so much!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:Untitled-1

Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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