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DIY Miniature MAGIC ✨ SOAP BUBBLE – Elsa Frozen Tutorial!

Hey, guys!  I decided to shoot for you a very interesting and unusual video on my channel DollHouse DIY. Today u will see how to make real soap bubbles that don’t burst at home! Yes-yes! It isn’t joke! They really don’t burst!

But do you know why? Because the composition of soap bubbles is glycerin! What is it?

Glycerin is the means that makes the walls of the soap bubble stronger and the bubble itself, respectively more long-lived.

You can buy it in any drugstore in your city But that isn’t all For preparation bubbles at home u also need:

1. Water (preferably distilled or boiled);
2. Means for washing dishes (liquid)
3. Shampoo;
4. Suoar;
5. Household soap;
6. Glycerin;
7. Ammonia alcohol;
8. A tube for cocktails.

Did you surprise by the result? I hope u enjoyed this video!

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