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How To Make a Ultra Rare LOL Surprise DOLL for 0$! | Miniature DIY for American Girl

Hi, guys! How are u? I am glad to see u on my channel of fantastic, rare and cool miniatures! And today u can see there something unusual. Are u ready? So, this is Miniature Ultra RARE LOL Doll! This miniature u can find only on my channel DollHouse DIY ♥

Dear friends! I want to pay special attention to the fact, that u can make this rare doll absolutely free to charge! This is a special offer only for u!

To make this miniature Ultra Rare LOL Doll u will need the following materials:

1. Double sided tape;

2. Glitter paper;

3. Clear nail polish with sparkles;

4. Plasticine “Play Doh”;

5. Clear plastic.

That is all u will need for such a super rare miniature.

I hope u liked my unusual very rare miniature, which u can do yourself very quickly and most importantly for free! Subscribe to my channel to be the first, who will see a new cool miniature for your dolls! Also printables for miniature u will find on my website Come and download them for free! Pleasant viewing, dear friends!

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