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REAL Miniature Always and Libresse Pads (Actually Works) | DIY

Hi, guys, l am glad to see you, because l made new very useful thing for your dolls! And also, it is really to work! ❤️

So, this is gaskets of popular company “Always”. And you didn’t hear! It is really miniature gaskets “Always” for your dolls. I think no doll-girl can’t do without this thing. I made this DIY to your game with Barbie, Monster High or LOL surprise will be more realistic and exciting!
And soon I will show you even more interesting miniature DIY for your dolls.

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So, for this miniature you will need printables for miniature. The most original and realistic printables you can find on my website Only from this site you can download it absolutely free!

See you later, friends!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:REAL Miniature Always and Libresse Pads (Actually Works) | DIYDownload full size: CLICK HERE!

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