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DIY – Miniature McDonalds menu: French fries, Coca-cola, BigMac – No Clay! Easy DIY Miniature

Hello, friends! Do u want one more interesting miniature? Then immediately turn on a new video on the most fascinating channel

Well, attention! Today I’ll show u, how from simple and sometimes unnecessary things make super realistic miniature! Namely Double cheeseburger menu from McDonald’s! Did u tried this menu? Do u want to make really miniature copy? Then look and make together with me!

Did u succeed?

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Miniature Cosmetics Tutorials ❤


Hi, dear ladies!
This video is dedicated to our skin, namely its care. And today I’ll show u, how to make miniature Bubble Clay Mask. Bubble Clay mask has a deep cleansing, draws dirt from the depth of pores, remorse traces of cosmetics.
Stimulates the renewal of skin cells, smoths the microtexture of the skin, improves skin tone.

That’s why, I decided to make this novelty!

Babble Clay mask contains from a lot of naturals components.These are: green tea extract, thermal water, pomegranate extract, carbon powder, aloe vera extract, etc.

But, for our miniature we will need very simple materials! These are:
1. Mineral water;
2. Cosmetic clay…

That is all! Also, for beautiful and bright packaging u will need my designer printables for miniature. They u can find on my website
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Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

Miniature Kawaii Chewing Gum DIY (actually works) – Bubble Gum for Dolls

Hello, friends! I have got surprise for you! This is “Mentos 3D”. Did you not expect? So, incredibly juicy berry – fruit cocktail! Chewing gum Mentos 3D-three – layer plate, that gives a triple freshness to your breath and charges real tasty fruit energy!

I like this gum very much! So, let’s do it together!

Materials, which we need for this miniature are:

1. Photo paper;
2. Real gum;
3. Glue;
4. Double – sided tape;
5. Materials and instruments for comfortable work;
6. Good mood!

OK, that’s all. Today u saw, how from simple things you can make a super cool miniature! But don’t forget, that u’ll also need printables for miniature, which you can download free on my website Friends! Subscribe on my channel, likes and write your comments! Bye-Bye!

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Miniature Toys Tutorials ❤

DIY – HOW TO MAKE Miniature Shopkins Surprise. Video For Kids | Shopkins Cartoon

Miniature Shopkins Surprise Part #2 <3

Hello, guys! I am glad to see you on my channel again! Today I’ll show you how to make easy and interesting miniatures of “Shopkins”! Miniature “Shopkins” is a range of tiny collectible toys, was made by Moose Toys. Today we will make “Shopkins ” unbox from easy materials!

Do you like “Shopkins”? As for me I like “Shopkins”, because this is the brightly colored figurines, roughly an inch tall, have each been given their own face, name and personality! Only on DollHouse DIY channel u can see unreal realistic miniature “Shopkins”. Friends, don’t forget to subscribe on my channel, likes and write comments under video!

I love you so much!

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