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NEW!!! 2D LOL Surprise PEARL Limited Edition BIG Ball (GIANT) – 10 SURPRISES Inside DIY

Hello, my lovely! I am glad to see you today on my channel DollHouse DIY!

Are you ready to see something unusual? So, you know, that I like LOL Doll Surprise so very much! Today I will make Big LOL Doll surprise, but it will be pearl one.

So, today I will show you Big LOL Doll Surprise, pearl series! Take you seats and look please!

It will be very easy, because my friends, you can use my designer printables! Where do to get them? Don’t worry! They are on my website You can download it free from DollHouseTube. com. I am sure such printables you will not find anywhere else! I hope you will appreciate, because it is in them that I put my whole soul and fantasy!

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See you later!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:

big lol pearl 1

Download full size: CLICK HERE!

big lol pearl 2

Download full size: CLICK HERE!

big lol pearl 3

Download full size: CLICK HERE!

LOL Surprise Custom Dolls ❤

Barbie Fashionistas & LOL Surprise Collaboration!? | QUEEN BEE LOL Doll

Hello, my friends and just guests of my channel! I am glad to see you!

I saw you liked my video about Punk boy LOL Doll. That is why I decided to follow the same path and dilute my tape with such interesting videos. That I will not torment you and right now you will find out who the next video will be about! So… This is Queen Bee LOL Doll. I hope I am intrigued by you! This doll like every girl all over the world.

This DIY help you to create beautiful, unusual and offbeat things your own hands. It is very easy! Well, wait for this novelty! Look, don’t miss, this you will not find anywhere else! So, I go to do something interesting for you, good luck, see you later!

LOL Surprise Custom Dolls ❤

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do 🎤 LOL CUSTOM DOLL | TUTORIAL / DIY / TOY UNBOXING

Hey, my dears! How are you? Well, I am not forcing you to wait and have already come up with something unrealistic steep!

This is LOL Doll by Taylor Swift!

Do you still not know what to present your friends? So, this LOL Doll by Taylor Swift the best gift, because every modern teenager knows Taylor Swift very well.

Make this cute gift very easy!

Look and repeat after me, my dear friends! So, note how it looks like!

Also for branded products packages I use my designer printables! I come up with their structure and design, too, so that everything looks believable! You can download it free from my website

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So, I wish you luck! Love you!

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