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DIY Miniature Ice Cream Machine (ACTUALLY WORKS!) for Dolls | Easy DIY Miniatures

Hey, friends! Did u miss my new item? I prepared for a long time and came up with something to surprise u! And now I am shocking u!

Today we will make a REAL ice cream machine. It really works. Ooo, yes! It really works! I am sure u didn’t expect this! I’ m right? The only thing for this super miniature u will need it is my design printables for miniatures! U don’ t find it nowhere they are only on my magic website

I hope u are as enthusiastic as I am! Repeat after me and u will succeed! If u like this video put likes and subscribe on my channel

Love my dear subscribers!

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Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

Miniature Baby Bottle DIY (actually works!) | DollHouse DIY | No Polymer Clay!

Hi, subscribers! Today I will show u very interesting and unusual miniature on my channel. And today it is Baby bottle with realistic silicone pacifier. This miniature you will not find on any channel, because my miniature real and it is really work.

Do you became interesting? Let’s start!

For this miniature we will need some cheap materials:

1. Pipette for experiments;
2. Fishing bait;
3. Whit acrylic paint;
4. Water;
5. Color paper;
6. Double tape side;
7. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

Look, it is so cute and so realistic!

Do u like this miniature? More beautiful, fascinating and super realistic miniature u can find on my cool channel. I will wait for u, my dear!

Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

DIY – Miniature McDonalds menu: French fries, Coca-cola, BigMac – No Clay! Easy DIY Miniature

Hello, friends! Do u want one more interesting miniature? Then immediately turn on a new video on the most fascinating channel

Well, attention! Today I’ll show u, how from simple and sometimes unnecessary things make super realistic miniature! Namely Double cheeseburger menu from McDonald’s! Did u tried this menu? Do u want to make really miniature copy? Then look and make together with me!

Did u succeed?

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See u later, dear subscribers!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:DIY - Miniature McDonalds menuDownload full size: CLICK HERE!

Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

Miniature Kawaii Chewing Gum DIY (actually works) – Bubble Gum for Dolls

Hello, friends! I have got surprise for you! This is “Mentos 3D”. Did you not expect? So, incredibly juicy berry – fruit cocktail! Chewing gum Mentos 3D-three – layer plate, that gives a triple freshness to your breath and charges real tasty fruit energy!

I like this gum very much! So, let’s do it together!

Materials, which we need for this miniature are:

1. Photo paper;
2. Real gum;
3. Glue;
4. Double – sided tape;
5. Materials and instruments for comfortable work;
6. Good mood!

OK, that’s all. Today u saw, how from simple things you can make a super cool miniature! But don’t forget, that u’ll also need printables for miniature, which you can download free on my website Friends! Subscribe on my channel, likes and write your comments! Bye-Bye!

Download FREE printables for miniatures:Miniature Kawaii Chewing Gum DIY (actually works) - Bubble Gum for DollsDownload full size: CLICK HERE!