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Miniature CANDY MACHINE That Works!

Hi, guys! I’m glad to see you on my channel! Today I’ll show you, how to make miniature candy machine! Yes – yes! It is a realistic miniature candy machine for dolls! This is very unusual and interesting attribute for dolls world. Are you ready? Let’s do it! For this miniature you don’t need a lot of materials.

These are:

1. Transparent Christmas ball;
2. The cap of tonic for the face;
3. Big decorative pin;
4. Tubes of McDonald’s;
5. Hot glue pistol;
6. Decorative beads for cake;
7. Ribbons and stickers for decoration;
8. Fantasy and good mood.

Look! It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

So, you had seen how from simple materials, which we usually don’t notice we can do interesting and unusual miniature! I hope you liked my video! If so, then write comments under video, likes and subscribe on my channel!

Love you, my dears!

Miniature Food Tutorials ❤

How To Make a Miniature KINDER Surprise Eggs Pack? DIY Doll Tutorial ♥

Hey, guys! I have got great surprise for you! I know most of you love Kinder Surprise Eggs, video of this topic of my favorite chocolate all over the world remain the most popular on my channel! So, I decided, why don’t to please you another very simple but mega realistic tutorial! To make miniature Kinder Surprise Eggs no polymer clay is very easy!

Look this video and you will make sure, that it is very simply!

For this very realistic miniature you will need:

1. Thick paper for color printing;
2. Super glue;
3. Beads in the form of mini chocolate eggs (if you want, you can use polymer clay);
4. Back labels from really Kinder eggs;
5. Baking foil;
6. Red nail polish.

It was very easy, wasn’t it? Ok, I want to say, this unusual miniature you can use everywhere you want. For example, you can make a beautiful bracelet using this miniature Kinder Surprise Eggs. So, for this mega realistic miniature you will need printables, which you can download free there 👉

They correspond A4 paper size, you need only print it! I hope you will like this video! Subscribe on my channel, likes and write comments under video! See you later my dear subscribers!

Bye – bye.

Download FREE printables for miniatures: how-to-make-a-miniature-kinder-surprise-eggs-pack-diy-doll-tutorial-%e2%99%a5Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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Miniature EYES CANDIES – Halloween DIY

Hi guys! Well, continue to preparing for the most long – awaited holiday. It is Halloween! Today I will show you how to make super terrible, miniature lollipops eyes. Yes, yes, lollipops – eyes, which packed to an unreal terrible realistic miniature box – eye 😍

For this miniature don’t need a lot of materials, only:

1. Nail polish;
2. Pin with a ball tip;
3. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

Aren’t they fantastic? They unreal terrible! But, how to make this super realistic box – eye? What will we need for this? Now I answer you on all your questions!

For this miniature box you will need my author printables for miniatures, which you can download free from my website They correspond A4 paper size and you will need only print it! If you want to be able to make most realistic miniatures, then invite you on the best channel of miniatures DollHouse DIY! Sign up, likes, write your comments under video!

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:miniature-eyes-candies-halloween-diy-dollhouse-diy-%e2%99%a5Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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Miniature 100% EDIBLE Creepy Cake – HALLOWEEN DIY

Hi, dear subscribers! Today I’ll teach you, how to make miniature creepy cupcake on my favorite holiday Halloween. This cake really edible! You can make fun of your friends, offering them strange treat! How will we do this realistic terrible sweetness? That is just terrible easy!

For this miniature you will need:

1. Cap from spray;
2. Nail polish, color of the pot;
3. Double sided mounting foam tape;
4. Realistic cookie “Oreo”;
5. Strawberry jam;
6. Something testy for stuffing;
7. White chocolate (preferably use not porous);
8. Instruments for comfortable work.

How is it working? Now I’ll tell you!

Take the cap from a spray point over lacquer under the pot, inside lay a semblance of a cupcake – stuffed “Oreo” and jam and on top sprinkle the crushed cookies to simulate the earth. White chocolate do for bones decoration! It is terrible testy! So, my dolls are ready for my most favorite holiday Halloween!

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REAL Miniature NUTELLA Lip Balm! – MADKIT

It really works! 😍 Hey, guys! It’s me again. In today’s video I will teach you to make what you won’t find anywhere! This is Nutella lip balm for your dolls! It is interesting, isn’t it? And yes, balm made from 100% real Nutella!

Just want to tell you about the box. It is unreal! Do you agree? Unique and original printables for this box you can download free on website

For this miniature we will need very little material. These are:

1. Make-up remover;

2. Real “Nutella”;

3. Gold sequins;

4. The rod of gel pens;

5. Double sided tape (for construction works);

6. Hot glue pistol;

7. White clip;

8. Colored nail polish.

That’s all the material and how interesting is turned out. Do you like it? Don’t forget to subscribe on my channel, likes and of course, writes comments under video! Because they motivate me on crazy and interesting things for your dolls! I am sure, that your doll like it! Thank you for watching! Bye.

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:


Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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Miniature MONSTER HIGH Kinder Surprise Egg

Hi, guys! I am glad to see you. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make Monster High egg – surprise. Yes, yes, you don’t heard! egg with surprise inside, the most realistic miniature on all YouTube. It made mega realistic to the smallest detail, as the present. Do you want to see, what is in the capsule inside? Are you interested? Then see and create together with me!

For our egg we need quite a bit:

1. Clear plastic;
2. Polymer clay;
3. Moldmeyker for polymer clay;
4. Capsule from pill;
5. Glue.

For our surprise we need quite a bit too:

1. Double side tape;
2. Gel pen;
3. Beautiful bead.

O, my God! Look on this fantastic miniature! It is very cool, isn’t it? Wow!Look! what bright packaging, which I made myself. This packaging you can find only on website Only on this site are cool and fashion printables for miniatures, which correspond A4 paper size. I hope do you like my creation!

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Download FREE printables for miniatures:miniature-monster-high-kinder-surprise-egg-dollhouse-diy-%e2%99%a5Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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DIY Miniature Nesquik Cereal and Ice Cream! Miniature Food – MADKIT

Hello, my new friends! Today I will teach you, how to make the most realistic balls for breakfast “Nesquik” Cereal and so testy ice – cream from the company “Nestle” Pretty, tasty stuff loved by all over the world, are you agree?

So, for balls “Nesquik” Cereal we need:

1. Toilet paper;
2. PVA glue;
3. Water.

And for ice – cream we need:

1. Capsule from pills;
2. Brown nail polish;
3. White nail polish;
4. Stick for hot pistol;
5. Toothpicks.

Well, very realistic miniature things we got, didn’t it? Now we must to pack our snacks! What will we need? And how many will we need materials, asked you? And I can say you, that for this packaging we need only printables for miniatures! Where can you get them, asked you? On super realistic miniature website Why was it there? So, because only on this website you can find the most original and fashionable printables, which you can print on A4 paper size. That is why, if you need quality printables, welcome on website Dear friends! Don’t forget to subscribe on my channel, likes and write your comments under video. See you soon!


Download FREE printables for miniatures:


Download full size: CLICK HERE!


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Super Realistic Miniature CHUPA CHUPS Pack!

Hello my dear subscribers and visitors of my channel! I am glad to see you and want to say “thank you” that you stay with me and appreciate my work! Today I will show you how to make the sweetness from childhood… This is Chupa Chups! :)

When I was a child I always asked my mom to buy me Chupa Chups. And when we went to the store on display was big box with different tastes Chupa Chups of them I chose particular taste. Now I often buy this candy, which reminds me of my childhood. Today on YouTube a lot of video with miniature sweets, which limited to bead on the toothpick, but I made something super realistic. Spesial for you I created high – quality labels Chupa Chups for miniatures candy in Adobe Illustrator, they look so real.

For miniature Chupa Chups we need:

1. White clips;
2. Transparent small bead;
3. White thread;
4. Super glue;
5. Transparent plastic (for box);
6. Water;
7. Toothbrush;
8. Instruments for comfortable work.

But some candy it is boring, that is why for you I have a surprise. You can print bright and cool box, just like from store on my website It has got transparent plastic insert, through which you will be able to view the candy from childhood, which really liked my dolls!

Immerse yourself in the world of childhood with me. Visiting my channel and download free printable for miniatures on my website Also sign up on my channel, likes and leave your comment under videos! ^^

Love you so much! See you soon dears!

Super Realistic Miniature CHUPA CHUPS Pack! DollHouse DIY ♥Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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REAL Edible Miniature KINDER Milk Slice

Hello my dear friends! Glad to see you! In today’s video I want to show you something mega realistic, namely a miniature bar of Kinder Milk Slice, which is made of real biscuit. Yes-yes, is made of real biscuit. I think everyone. Has heard about the milk slice and seen the advertising with conversing milk. Biscuit cake with milk filling stored in a refrigerator. Filling resembles an ice-cream :)

Why did I choose Kinder Milk Slice? Because this Milk Slice won me over as a childhood. For several years it is my favourite snacks. For me it is unique taste, nothing like this I don’t taste. I often buy this snacks and decided why wouldn’t pamper it the dolls? That is why I decided to make a surprise for them. I think they like it! <3

Now I will tell you how to make it! Lets start!

To make Kinder Milk Slice we need :

1. Glossy Photo paper (you can use plain paper, but I prefer the first version);

2. Double sided adhesive tape;

3. Super glue;

4. Real bar of Kinder Milk Slice;

5. Instruments for comfortable work.

If you like dolls and want that they will see all new things of modern world too, you definitely to me.
On website DollHouseTube, you can find mega realistic miniature, modern things for your dollhouse, which you can do your own hands of conventional materials, which is in every house.

By all means to visit my channel, likes, leave your comment under the video, subscribe! You will find a lot of interesting. See you soon!

Untitled-1Download full size: CLICK HERE!

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My dear subscribers! I am glad to see you on my channel! ^^

I am very pleased, that you visiting my channel and leave your comments under vIdeos with good words and suggestions. Thank you so much! When I read all your suggestions, I am finally thought how to surprise you. Are you ready? Attention! Today in my video I will teach you how to make super real chips “Pringles”. Which made of veritable chips! Why did I decide to make chips? Asked you, because everyone like to watch the film, and watch it not with empty hands. I am right? Yes, of course! That’s my girls like to watch films very much! With miniature chips it is so interesting. So let’s do!

To make miniature chips we need:

1. Tubes for drinks (I used straws from McDonald’s);

2. Double sided tape;

3. Super glue;

4. Silver nail polish;

5. Chips Lays (they are better suited);

6. Purified water.

Are you surprised? Do you want more these exciting videos? Subscribe on my channel, write comments, likes. Also I invite you on my website DollHouseTube, where you can download free printables for miniatures, which corresponds to the A4 page size and excellent print on the ordinary paper. Love you so much! I will be back soon! Goodbye! ♥

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