Miniature Cosmetics Tutorials ❤

Realistic Miniature NAKED Eyes Palette 3 Tutorial!

Urban Decay released their Naked palette in mid 2010, to which it literally became famous overnight and has since developed a devout cult following. The release of this palette was met with an overwhelming positive reaction, and for good reason. Since the initial release, Urban Decay had not only modified their original Naked palette, but debuted its equally popular sequels Naked 2 in early 2012, and Naked 3 in late 2013.

Have you ever thought how would be great if your favorite toy doll could have the same cosmetics as you but small size? Now it’s possible! In this video you will see how you can create miniature NAKED Eyes Palette 3 (Urban Decay Cosmetics) for your doll such as Barbie, Monster High, Bratz ❤

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For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:Miniature Doll NAKED Eyes Palette 3 Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

Miniature Cosmetics Tutorials ❤

Realistic Miniature SUGARPILL Pressed Eyeshadows Tutorial!

Dear friends! Hello everyone! Today I want to show you, how to make realistic, not a harmful thing for an evening look. What could it be? you can think. It is popular vegan shadows “Sugarpill”. Do you know something about it? Now I am talking you about it. Sugarpill is a bio cosmetic, environmentally and natural. This is the most pure cosmetic on 100 percent, since it is made from natural ingredients.

For miniature we need:

1. Scotch;
2. Super glue;
3. Clear nail polish;
4. Green glitter for nails;
5. Black stick for hot pistol;
6. Instruments and materials for comfortable work.

I hope you and you dolls like this miniature and you can easily do it thanks to my printables, which you can download free on website Wait for the new products very soon! On the most interesting and not the usual website of miniatures DollHouse DIY. Be beautiful, my dear friends! See you soon!

For this video lesson you will need to print this label on glossy photo paper:Miniature Doll SUGARPILL Pressed Eyeshadows Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!

Miniature Cosmetics Tutorials ❤

Realistic Miniature Lip Butter NIVEA Tutorial!

Hello everyone ! This is my channel to which you have the opportunity to visit the world of dolls and will see that in their life they are using all the things a modern society.

Besides you will see how of simple inessential things in your house you can do interesting miniature for your doll’s world.

In my first video I will show you how to make all the girls favourite lips balm “Nivea”. With this balm I met recently and spend with it all the autumn and cold winter. At the time, I bought it because it smelled so delicious. It perfectly protect my lips from cold and wind. When I bought this balm,immediately thought that the lips of my dolls also have to protect this balm. That is why I decide certainly to do miniature lips balm for my beautiful girls.

Now I will tell you the details what we need for miniature lips balm “Nivea”:

1. Glue stick for hot pistol;
2. Blister of tablets ;
3. Super glue;
4. Transparent plastic;
5. Good mood :)

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Also I want to turn your care that printables I made myself with love for you my friends. It corresponds to the A4 paper size. You don’t have to worry about its scale. Just print the image on an ordinary paper. I want to say, I use photo paper, which allows to do different effects.

See you soon, my dear! Thank you so much!

Miniature Doll Lip Butter NIVEA Tutorial!Download full size: CLICK HERE!